Kayla Silverman is a Boston based indie-pop singer/songwriter who looks to the past for inspiration and guidance. She discovered the synergy between the electronic sounds found in bedroom pop and classical music, which she fuses into one beautiful identity. One can describe Kayla’s music as the byproduct of a studio session with “Mozart and Billie Eilish.” 

       Kayla has immense live performance experiences already under her belt, such as her 2019 headliner show promoting her EP “I Believe,” at The Cutting Room and the Bitter End in New York City. Kayla is a two-time performer at the BBYO International Convention of six thousand people in which she performed with international pop star, Justin Jesso. Seeing Kayla Silverman live is an energetic yet intimate experience as her unique red hair bounces around the stage almost as if it has a mind of its own. Her compositions have won songwriting awards from the “Unsigned Only Music Competition,” “Global Music Award” and  “Los Angeles Film Awards.” 

       Being released on July 10th, Kayla’s single “Crying on a Plane” is unlike any other song Kayla has released thus far! It is a melancholy composition of a lover leaving someone they had just met. Her complex vocal harmonies, sounds of seatbelt clicks as percussion, the revving of engines, and lastly her powerful vocals paint a clear picture for her audience. Sign up for Kayla’s emailing list not only for upcoming shows and deals but also to join this special community she has created.

I always thought that Kayla was a talented artist, and admired her technical virtuosity as a musician... [A]s she broadens her influences and matures I only become more excited for the material she puts out. Her personal songwriting and varying production choices always leave me wondering what she’ll try next.

-Tal Kamara

Kayla is unique— and her music is the same. I can confidently say that I am thrilled to hear her future songs because not only will they be apparent, but they will also hold the ability to make people feel an appreciation for her unique music.

- Anna Schulman